Services and Scope of Work

At Credel Capital, our services are client centric, with investment recommendations being determined by their suitability to your financial planning requirements. Your financial plan needs to be dynamic to account for the constantly changing economic environment, so we rebalance your investments accordingly.

The vital elements in our financial services as a Wealth Management Practice involves:

Financial Planning

The objective of our work in this phase would be to develop a financial plan based on our discussions and information provided by you to us. The flow of the Financial Planning exercise will include the following steps:

  • Establishing a relationship with you by Understanding your financial objectives and your goals.
  • Analysing and evaluating your current assets and financial status.
  • Developing a customised plan with providing alternative options.
  • Implementing the recommendations provided and monitoring the plan from time to time.

Investment Planning, Implementation and monitoring

The portfolio’s asset allocation will be determined by your investment preferences and risk appetite, in conjunction with your financial goals. The Investment Plan takes the following aspects into account:

  • Risk assessment based on your income needs and investment horizon, taking into account your preferences towards volatility, liquidity, diversification and transparency.
  • Strategic and Tactical Asset allocation which involves periodically rebalancing the portfolio based on the target allocations or to adapt to different market conditions.
  • Investment selection and execution of transactions in funds depending on your comfort level with different products, your constraints on certain investments, liquidity requirements and the market outlook.

The scope of our investment recommendations would cover the following:

  • Equities, through recommendations on managed stocks portfolio strategies, Equity Funds and Primary market issues.
  • Debt instruments through Bonds, Fixed Deposits (FD), Non-Convertible Debentures (NCD) and Debt oriented mutual funds
  • Other instruments like Private Equity Funds, Alternate Investment strategies, Insurance etc.

Tax Compliance and Advisory

We have engaged an accounting firm to develop, draft and file your tax returns with the appropriate authorities, along with providing you advice on salary structuring and tax saving avenues.


Your portfolio will be accessible through the web, updated on a daily basis, which will be a single, integrated view of your total assets.